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New year resolution

New year resolution

Last week was the trial mode for most of us, and 2022 just became real.

I started classes last week, and I am already tired. I do not think life should be like this. So this year, I will find comfort in enjoying my life. Not at the expense of my bank account, though.

I am not a fan of making new year’s resolutions because they are slippery, and by the end of February, you are back to your bad habits. A simple example would be everybody scrambling to get a gym membership, and by March, the gyms are back to the average population.

Of course, it’s a bit different now because of the constant lockdowns, but you can’t tell me you did not install a productivity or wellness app on your phone. It’s the second

week of January; how is that going?

That does not mean you shouldn’t aim to be better. I think the beginning of the year is a time to reflect on decisions from the last year and make a conscious decision to do more.

There is excitement that comes with starting a new year, and there are school and work reports that quantify our achievements throughout the past year. So, it makes sense to start making plans for the new year.

I plan to be better than next year, but I also plan to be realistic.

My school released official grades for the last semester a few days ago, and I hoped it

would be better, but I know how much effort I put in. So, I was surprised when I saw the grades were not as bad as I thought.

Do I want better grades this semester? Of course, I do only because it only makes sense to want better. So this is just an education revolution that happened to clash with the new year’s period.

I plan to attend more classes this year and study for my tests. I already got off on the

wrong start when I left a class 30 minutes into it because the Prof was too slow, but this is a new week; I hope the professor is less boring next class.

I know myself. When the assignments come knocking and the middle of the semester gets really tough, no resolution is going to keep me from sleeping when I am tired. And when the grades finally get out, I would totally accept the blame but not regret the decisions I took to take a break.

If anyone has ever been burnt out before, You will know that it doesn’t benefit you or you work when you need days to recover and get back to your real self.

My point is The New Year offers us an opportunity to tell ourselves we have a blank slate. After a few weeks, if the resolutions don’t work, it gets depressing, and you might feel like a failure.

It’s okay to turn your back on your resolutions after a week. Reality hits, and we are back to whatever job or activity that burnt us out last year. You can decide at any time of the year to start working out again. You can decide to stop that ridiculous habit like eating at 3 AM. I am not judging though but you shouldn’t really be eating at that time – Go to bed !!

Make a list of how you want to get better, re-assess it with real-life once a month, and tweak it to match your goals. Life almost never turns out how you plan. This month I started a blog. Who knows what I will be doing in June?

I am really big on self-reflection, so I can’t wait to see how far I would have come in June.

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