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I am 21! (1)

i am 21

Yo, I am finally 21, and I have to say it feels good. I do not feel special, though, but I am grateful to be at this point.

I could’ve done more because when I clocked 20, I made a list of things I should’ve done by 21. Some of the items are checked off, and some are still dreams, but I’m still grateful for where I am right now because many things could’ve gone wrong.

The things I’ve done wrong are experiences and a part of who I am today. Sometimes, a new door opens, and opportunities arise from mistakes. I’m not going to make promises to myself this time because last year was a bit of a disappointment. Instead, I will try my best to try anything that comes my way. Every bathroom thought and plan made while daydreaming would be dropped on the table.

I wrote a letter to myself last year with a long list of things I could do, And although I found myself doing more short versions of some of the tasks, I still feel how different I am from the girl who wrote the letter. Maybe I will make another list; this time, something shorter and more realistic.

Last year was a blast for me. I had a lot of first times and last times definitely, and I cannot wait to experience a lot of new first times and some last times because experience is the best teacher and some things shouldn’t be experienced twice. I am grateful for the friends I made along the way, the friends I dropped, and the random

friends that would let me know that I changed, especially since they have barely talked to me in five years.

No problem with that, send me money, and we are good.

I also think that even though I’ve been battling with this whole Adulting thing already, being 21 finally puts a stamp on it because “What country is 21 not legal in?”

I should google it. (apparently, it is age 25 in some places)

I’m not going to lie when I say that sometimes I get pressured when I look on the Internet or hear other people’s Achievements-especially my agemates. But I also understand that where I am right now is for me. It’s my journey or Path. I try to remind myself of this every time my insecurity crawls in.

I will try better and be the Best Version of myself at 21. On my 22nd birthday, I would look back and be so effing proud of myself

BTW I added a new function to the site, where you can chat with me. I am a big fan of communication, and I would do better from my end.

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