Earth to aanu

Struggle To consistency


I know it’s been a while. And for a person who just started, I have been less than consistent. if anyone asks me what’s going on, I just go ahead to rant about how life is tough and how busy I am.

I have work, I have school and I also have to set time aside to worry about money issues. it’s a cold world out there. After all these narrations, deep down I know what the problem is. I am bad at time management. Someone said I lack discipline. As if I don’t lack discipline, I just don’t know how to manage my time. I also procrastinate a lot. To be fair, this also falls under discipline. So I am not good at managing my time, always tired, and also not disciplined. Recipe for “doing nothing”.

I don’t understand why I can’t just do something the moment I think of it. Oftentimes, I find myself taking more time to plan than just doing it. I also think I am a bit of a perfectionist. If the plan doesn’t go as perfectly as I planned in my head, I would not start.

I did the same with this blog and I am doing the same thing to my social media accounts. I feel like I am wasting time doing nothing but I still can’t get myself to do a thing. I bet a lot of people have issues with considering the number of memes I see about this.

Is the blog how I want it to be yet? Not fully, but I just got tired of people asking me “what’s up with the blog you talked about?” So, I decided to start. Procrastinated all of last year and finally told me “New Year, New things”

I have read a bunch of books that talk about starting things and being consistent with them. The books were so good And yes I was motivated to start a million things on my list. After I managed to start 2 of them, the remaining 999998 of them just watched me as I picked another book about starting.

Books that thought me to start:

show your work.

Steal Like an Artist

girl wash your face

How to Ikigai: Lessons for Finding Happiness and Living Your Life’s Purpose

Crush it!

A beginners guide to starting

The point is I know deep down that I won’t make any productive change in my life until I am ready to or until someone frustrates me into making a change. The word frustration sounds a bit extreme but if it’s the good kind, I guess it’s good.

Out of the kindness of my heart, I would help you make a note to yourself. You are welcome

I know what you are saying.

“But I want to that’s why I am trying to”

Yes, you want to. We all want to be more productive and deep af but are you ready to? Are you ready to …..

I am just as unready as you are. That’s why you are here. I don’t think I would ever be fully ready for anything. But if there is advice I have heard over a hundred times, it is: just start whatever idea you have and keep going. Soon you will get used to its expectations. If you are really interested, you will drop your bad habits and be focused enough.

By the way, when I mentioned this post to someone, she said “Didn’t you say you will try to be consistent in your last post?”

If anyone is also asking. Yes, I said so. And this is me telling you that I am trying. I can’t make any promises that I would be perfect at this creating thing. But I can promise that I am working towards being better. I hope you are also doing that.

If you have questions or incites, click here to send me a message or leave a comment. We move.


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