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Year We Go Again


As we hear “Happy New Year,” let’s think about the thoughts that come with the start of a new chapter. Join me as we explore this yearly ritual, thinking about time, self-improvement, and finding balance between ambition and harmony.

Do you know what I have learnt in the last few days of yelling “Happy New Year” as an excuse to slip into DMs of the ghosts of my inattentive behaviour? Or enchantment of this magical phase middle of an awkward conversation?

Should have posted this on the first day of the year, ideally. But doing that might have watered down the essence of this rant.

Here’s the lowdown: It’s a new year, but surprise, surprise, the cast remains the same, with familiar faces making a cameo appearance- including you in that mirror.

Time, as we all know, is merely a social construct. But why do we section it into patterns and seasons? And I find it so interesting how time tracking has evolved and it begs the question how will time be measured in the next 1000 years, when winter is shorter and Spring is summer.

Another thing I noticed is how people genuinely just want to be closer to who they dream they can be. And the beginning of a 365 days period gives them that push to launch another dreamy goal of being a better person. As my pastor said today, a time to re prioritize.

And who can blame them? Refusing to better oneself is almost the same as accepting the changes the world imposes. While we may not be able to avoid change entirely, striving for improvement provides an illusion of being in control of the providence of our fortunes.

Correction: it brings us closer to the providence of our fortunes.

Is that better? Who am I to dismiss your hard work when my brand is supposed to uplift and inspire?

okay for real; Enough with the existential crisis this year. Let me share a little bit of my 2024 plans for the sake of accountability.

I’m diving headfirst into those “plant lady” vibes – maybe even contemplating a fish since puppies are notorious for attention seeking. But in all I want to feel a sense of responsibility that would push me to be better.

The overarching goal: to bask in the glow of accomplishment when December rolls around, showcasing strides in communication and accountability. (I know, big big english)

I just don’t want to tiptoe, I want to take bigger leaps in my life including friendships, relationships, businesses, faith and everything in general.

I started reading this Christian book that asks an important question each day. And I am on day “whatever day I posted this.” But the most important question so far as been.

“What do you need to hear from God in order to find courage to step out on a big dream you have? “

Initially, I had no answer, but I repeated the question to myself all morning and then I mumurred “foreknowledge.”

If I could catch a glimpse of the future, that this is all worth it, then I would invest everything. But if it worked that way, then what would be the point of faith?

So I settled for Assurance. The comfort that comes from knowing He placed these dreams in my heart. So, I have a dependent leading the way. But here on earth it wouldn’t kill to meet people like me, who dream like me, plan like, want like me and work like me. Because then i know I have community that’s ready walk with me.

Uugghh, I am doing it again. I apologize. I really want this year to be the year where I expand on my knowledge and projects (business and brand). Less “who am I supposed to be?” monologues. More “guess what i did today y’all.” I want to tell you all about the new things I try, but I have to caution myself not to start a new pursuit that would distract me from what I already have going. My plan to that is to try out a few new hobbies like candle making, creating plans and being more intense with my workout routines. This way I believe I can take even bigger steps into my already launched avenues.

And with this existing avenues, I fear that my need to hustle and bustle might distract me from that bigger picture I have on my ceiling. Like I want to grind all year, yet also sip a piña colada in a bikini in my bedroom.

Anyways I heard a new mantra in my head while I pondered about why the hell I got myself into allodat. “Succeeding at so many things so that people will know that they can too.”

No kidding, mark my words—2024 is shaping up to be the most phenomenal year, all in Jesus’ name. We’re set to soar and grow, truly making it the year of growth! I’ve even committed to growing at least three plants as living testaments, slightly promising their existence until January 2025.

Another way to rid myself of silly notions from last year is to challenge the arbitrary limits I’ve set for myself before the big 3-0. Who says a modern woman can’t have a thriving career, a loving family, and yes, a little peace and quiet at home all before 30?

Anyways these are Random Character goals set for myself during crossover service:

  • Always have a reason for doing anything.
  • Saying no is a form of self-care, a necessary boundary.
  • Speak up and practice confrontation. We are not swallowing anything this year unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So, here’s the blueprint for the new year, and heartfelt gratitude for accompanying me thus far.

Before you go, I invite you to delve into an episode of Bloom and share your opinion (by fire, by force)

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