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Let’s write a letter to ourselves today.


Today, I invite you to embark on a deeply personal journey with me. Let’s take a moment to reflect, to introspect, and to connect with our inner selves. Shall we write a letter to ourselves today?

Before I dive into the topic of today, I want to say this is an extension of my most recent newsletter. I was inspired by this podcast i think you should all listen to: You can rest here  and I decided to ask readers to write a letter to themselves. I really enjoyed the concept that I feel like i have to engrave it on here and come back to it in a few years.

Now, let’s explore this concept together, shall we?

In late 2020, feeling a bit lost and worn out, I decided to try something new: writing a letter to my future self. I stumbled upon the “FutureMe” platform, which lets you send emails to yourself in the future. It seemed like a fun idea, so I wrote a letter to be delivered on my next birthday and set another for five years ahead.

When my birthday arrived in 2021, I received that first letter from my past self. It was a bit surreal, reading the thoughts I had penned months ago. It felt like catching up with an old friend who knew me better than anyone else. From then on, I made it a yearly tradition to send letters to myself, a little gift to open on my special day.

I would like to incorporate that act into this community. To be honest, I wish I had a well established platform where I could host a letter writing workshop and help all the girlies and non-girlies channel their inner self that just wants to connect with who they are and always been. But for now we would make do with this. So….


First, let’s journey into the past. Reflect on the person you once were, the dreams you had, the struggles you faced, and the triumphs you celebrated. Write to that past version of yourself with compassion, understanding, and perhaps even forgiveness. Embrace the lessons learned, the mistakes made, and the growth experienced. Let your words be a balm for any wounds that still linger, a celebration of how far you’ve come.

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Next, let’s ground ourselves in the present moment. Take a deep breath and acknowledge where you are right now. What are you feeling? What are you grateful for? What challenges are you currently facing? Write to your present self with honesty, vulnerability, and kindness. Offer words of encouragement, affirmation, and reassurance. Remind yourself of your strengths, your resilience, and your capacity for love and joy. Embrace the beauty of the present moment, imperfect yet precious in its own right.


Envision the person you aspire to become, the dreams you still hold dear, the goals you’re striving to achieve. Write to your future self with hope, excitement, and anticipation. Paint a vivid picture of the life you envision, the values you hold dear, and the legacy you wish to leave behind. Set intentions, make promises, and dare to dream boldly. Trust in the journey that lies ahead, knowing that each step you take is leading you closer to the person you are meant to be.

As I write these words, I can’t help but feel a sense of reverence, a profound connection to something greater than myself. This act of writing a letter to ourselves is more than just an exercise in self-reflection; it’s a testament to the human experience, to our capacity for growth, resilience, and love.

For me, Those letters became a way to document my journey, capturing my thoughts, dreams, and aspirations at different points in time. Sometimes, on tough days, I’d write to remind myself of the hopes and dreams I’ve always had. It became a comforting ritual, a reminder of the resilience I possess and the dreams that keep me going.

Now, as another birthday approaches, I look forward to reading those letters and reflecting on how far I’ve come. It’s a simple yet meaningful tradition that helps me stay grounded and hopeful, no matter what life throws my way.

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Stay fabulous,

Aanu ✨


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