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aanu adu

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My name is Aanu (Ah-Ah-nuu)🎶

I have a story to tell.
I don’t know all of it yet.
To a certain extent, I would love to share them with you, but I would let my thoughts and ideas provide insight into who I want to be.
I find joy in writing and I find joy in learning
I have learnt from my experiences and I know I will still learn more.
I have only a chance at figuring out this “woman” thing. I hope I do it the right way and inspire someone along the way.
If you are here, thank you for believing in me ❤️
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Aanuoluwa Adu
aanu adu

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affirmations for the week

Ne quis mediocrem sit, dolor reprimique nec id, quo no scaevola vituperata. 

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